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Life’s great!

Yeah, that’s how I feel. I’m just lerning to make myself happy, and that is a relief.

I’ve always thought that I needed things to be happy. Like, I coundn’t be happy alone, without a boyfriend. I just couldn’t. Life and media teach that you need love, you gotta have a partner to feel complete. And there you are, with all those friendly couples around you, being just charming and…. happy. While you are there, alone, watching happyness with a yellow smile on your face.

And then you are just one more sad and miserable person in this world. God (or fade, or whatever you believe in) is not fair with you. That makes you sit and wait for happyness to come, beautiful as it is, ready to give everything you’ve always wanted.

Well, that’s just wrong.

I mean, are you healthy? Or let me make it better: are you alive? That’s already a good reason to celebrate. You have your life in your hands. Your decisions are gonna make it good or miserable. Don’t blame or don’t throw the responsability for your happyness on somebody’s hands. That’s not fair. WE are responsible for OUR live, OUR happyness and, why not, OUR sadness.

The important thing is: we have the power and our destiny in our hand. We can’t avoid suffering, but we can choose the way we’re gonna pass through hard times. And this choise can make life sucks or it can make it lighter.

You have to learn to be happy by yourself and not depend on others for that. And when the special one appears, instead of you steal his happyness, you both are going to share it. And that is love.

So, the first lesson: look inside of you and see all your potentials and all the power you have inside. Among all this, you’ll find a great willing for living and smiling. Accept it and let it flow.

Be Happy.


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